Thursday, 26 February 2009

OPI Gotta Get Pink!

I am so so so happy with this colour! This is what I wanted Mod About You to look like on me, sadly it just looked like white with a tiny bit of pink and chalk thrown in.

However... this shade, Gotta Get Pink! just blows me away. It is an Ulta exclusive from USA. I am so greatful to the person who was willing to help me get these!

This is three coats. It was a little problematic, only in the way of the brush. The bristles at the end were a little 'bushed' so it made applying it a little difficult, otherwise it is perfect-o :D

I cannot wait to wear the other two pinks, In Sync With Pink and Don't Think, Just Pink!

I have started a new regime in regard to trying new polishes. I can no longer just try it on four nails and take a few photos and then claim it tried. I have to wear it as a full manicure :) It is working really well and also keeps me super excited about those that I have yet to try!

Well I'm off to have some lunch and then konad this pink beast! :D


  1. "Konad this pink beast!"

    Oh, how I love the lexicon of the nail blogs!

    Cute color!

  2. Hahaha n_n I would *love* to see it on you, I think it would look so adorable with your skintone :D

  3. I think its a GREAT idea that you wear these polishes as a full mani for a while! Makes you really appreciate the colours.

    And it DOES get you excited to wear the ones you havent yet! =) *sigh*..i have like 20 untried..they all sit there..TAUNTING

  4. Reeka - Yes! Thats the idea lol I hope it sticks :D Go oooooon give 'em a try!

  5. so great you like these!! I haven't tried mine yet lol (=

  6. Oooooh i'd love to see them on you!! Yours pics are always good :D

  7. Could you do a comparison of this with mod about you from opi, and vintage couture from colorclub? i dont see the difference and would like to know which is most worthy before i spend my recession tight budget, lol, thanx


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