Sunday, 22 February 2009

OPI French Riviera

French Riviera is a beautiful dove grey. A little sheer too, as this is four coats. But look at the end result... :D

French Riviera is very similar to Bleu-Blue (you will see this shortly or you can jump to >here< and see it now). The only real difference is the slight colouring between the two. They both apply the same and take four coats to get the same look, almost complete opacity.

I'm finding with these old OPI Japs, that they are quite runny in texture but they are easy to control. Which is quite good because a little goes a long way :D

French Riviera is begging to be konaded...

Oh! Also, I was thinking of starting up a sort of ROAK (random act of kindess) box, so my lovely NJ readers can sign-up and get some little gifts n_n


  1. I really like that gray...very elegant. However, 4-coaters drive me nuts!!! lol

  2. Haha yes! I can relate, however the colour made me forgive the four coats :D


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