Wednesday, 4 February 2009

OPI Fanatical Fuchsia

Let's start off the Valentines manicures with a bang! An undecorated bang that is.

I thought OPIs Fanatical Fuchsia had fit the bill :D

This is three coats. Applied like most old OPIs, nice 'n smooth. This polish is also a jap exclusive.

Fanatical Fuchsia is a very vibrant fuchsia with a strong blue flash, you can see a little bit of the blue in some of the pics but I think it was too shimmery or something for the camera to capture.

I was dreading trying this one out because it looks nothing in the bottle, but on, WOAH is this stunning!!


  1. Whoa! It's like sci-fi pink #:D

  2. oh man! i can see that blue flash in the bottle! can i have the code please? i wanna hunt it down!

  3. Hey Layla! My other blog has alot of yoko codes :D Fanatical Fuchsia is NLY10

  4. You're spoiling me with all these lovely pinks :D

  5. That is a gorgeous pink... very Valentine-y!

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  7. Did they rerelaease this one? I've had this one for eons, it seems, and...... I didn't realize it was Japanese exclusively. Now I wonder how the heck I got it!!!


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