Wednesday, 25 February 2009

OPI DS Fantasy

Alright guys, I'm away for the day but have some awesome colours in store for you today!

First up is OPI's DS Fantasy. I love love love this. I was afraid that it would be the same shade as Glamour only less holographic... turns out it's a different shade all together! As you can see them side by side on the display palette post.

This is just two coats. The thumb is ONE coat!!! ONE!!! :D

Look how nicely it went on! The gap was so easy to do.

As you can see, Fantasy isn't as holo as it's Designer Series counterparts but its freaking beautiful. 

I added some little stars that I picked up from a Japanese dollar store. Only 50c too :D Although I didn't add topcoat over them because I thought I would be removing Fantasy, but I didn't so they fell of pretty quickly. I mean, it's pretty much a no brainer adding top coat to any little objects that you add to your nail :)


  1. I LOVE Fantasy...I'm so glad I got it on sale; DS prices are murder on the wallet!

  2. You have no idea how happy I am to see that Fantasy is not a holo on you. I thought I had a dud bottle! :)

  3. That may not be holotastic but it sure is VERY lovely nonetheless :D Looks lovely on you :) Also loving the holo Chanel, its very blingtastic :)

  4. How pretty! Another color to add to my lists. I'll need more fingers and money!

  5. TAG - Yes they are extremely expensive when not on sale! I am glad you got it for a bargain :D

    Styrch - Hehe aw it's heartbreaking when you think that isn't it? I am happy that you are now happy :)

    Lina - Aw thanks Lina, that means alot to me :) ahh the Chanel... what to do with it lol

    Lucy - Hey Lucy!!! Definitely get it to at least try before its $50 on ebay!

  6. Nice job! Looking all over for this one. :| I must have, at least, 16 DS's (and a few back-ups) but this one alludes me... Thanks for sharing your pics - lovely.


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