Tuesday, 10 February 2009

OPI Black Cherry Chutney

This always happens when I try photographing the dark colours, the camera makes my skin so light. At least the nail polish is accurate :D

This is three coats if I remember correctly. Black Cherry Chutney is from OPI's India collection released at the start of 2008. What an awesome collection India was, vampies, golds, pinks, a blue... Just awesome.

I'm considering making an order for my 18th, but I have no idea what to get! Apart from 80% of the new color clubs... 


  1. I LOVE that color! I've been wanting it for a while, but didn't include it in my last Trans Design order- I don't know why! Now I'm going to have to get it....

  2. Hehe aw I hate when I do that with colours, totally regretting not buying any of the OPI Japs :(

  3. I LOVE that color! Definitely on my top 20, for sure! India was a great collection, along with Russia...I wish OPI had more varied collections like those *sighs*

  4. TAG - I know what you mean :( OPI can be really good sometimes but blah every other time

  5. I think the nail color is fantastic.It will look very glamourous with matching accessories.

  6. Same thing happens with my pictures :)
    Don't worry; this is a gorgeous color, and a great photo.

  7. This is a very indulgent color indeed!
    I remember getting a full-size bottle of this after trying out the mini, and it's my favorite alternative to just plain black.
    The color makes me think of rich fabrics such as lush silks, and luxurious velvets.


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