Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My Sexy Valentine ♥

For the sexy ladies :D

Hehe I wonder what the BF would think of this one...

For the base I used two coats of OPI Curry Up! Don't Be Late, one of my favourite golds. Then I used China Glaze Delight for the design :D

I really liked wearing this and didn't want to take it off, but alas, nail polish ADD strikes again.


  1. LOVING that :) I did similar one with Zoya Richelle and.. ehr.. was it ChG Wagon Trail?.. Anyway it was similar, but not as cool :)

  2. love the way you do your tips :)

  3. Nixxy - hehe! :D

    Lina - Ooooh sounds pretty! I really need to try Wagon Trail!

    Jhoannz - Thankyou n_n

  4. I love the leopard/cheetah sort of pattern. Beautiful!

  5. Very sexy look. I know men would love this look.


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