Friday, 6 February 2009

Music to my Ears ♥

A very romantic Valentine's manicure :)

With this one I used two coats of Aphrodite's Pink Nightie then the very useful Devotion as the design :D

I never ever thought I would end up using this music design, but I did and I love it! I didn't use a topcoat here so the streaks are quite noticeable. More V-day manis on the waaaay! ♥


  1. WOW (bis)! i will try this one too!!! So sweet...
    so perfect!!!
    Many thanks for the idea Steph!

  2. Hehe not a problem astasia :)

  3. Aphrodite's Pink is such a classic! I think that this was the np I picked out for my first prof mani!
    Very nice on you!

  4. I love this combo mucho!

    (kickyouonce on mua)

  5. i just found this blog today and am in heaven!! i didnt even know a place for nail polish junkies existed! i love konad stamps and am also suffering from nail color ADD. haha :D what nail plate is this??


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