Thursday, 26 February 2009

Japanese Holographics - Grey

While I was away yesterday, visiting the boyfriends new apartment for uni, we went into one of my favourite dollar stores to pick up an eraser for my sister. So we found it, ventured round to the Nail Polish isle and HOLY COW! They had a whole line of holographic polishes!!! I limited myself to two, a grey and a silver.

The application of these polishes was brilliant! I was expecting cheap 'n nasty for something that only cost a few dollars... but these are seriously like OPI quality. They dry really quick too!

What makes these polishes special? I have never seen anything like them. Let's start with the grey, I only know of China Glaze's Let's Do It In 3D that is a grey holo. But this is very chunky compared to this fine holographic. It also has gold shimmer! Truly beautiful. You can't really see it in the pictures here because the sun was well and truly out the holographic pieces tend to be more dominant. But you can see the gold shimmer in the bottle :D

I love how the Japanese go all out for their polishes! I am really looking forward to my trip to Japan ♥

If there are any NZ'ers who would like me to CP these shades to you I would be more than happy :) There was also a baby blue, a gold, a pink, a mauve and a coral-y colour :D Just send me an email at


  1. Love the holos. You have great restraint. I would have bought them all!

  2. Haha! Well if I had known that they were going to be this good, I don't think I would've been able to stop myself :D

  3. I love Japanese nail stuff - they really do have the best stuff!

  4. Phyrra - Hehe yes!

    Brooke - Oh I agree, I couldve spent a whole day looking at all the pretties!

  5. lol for $3.40 it looks great hunny, glad we went there bhut you know i owuld've stopped you buying anymore :P

  6. LOL you really think you can stop me at 3.40?! I suggest we get a separate suitcase for Japan... to fit all the newbies :D

  7. This is lovely. You take excellent photos and are doing an amazing job with your blog......... Thank you so much for posting " Nail Polish Finishes" with an example, too.......that was helpful.

    Is it a square bottle with a bit of a twist to it? I cant really tell the shape of the bottle from your photo?

    What brand/company makes this?

  8. Hey Deez!

    Thankyou very much n_n I always try my best! I thought it would help a lot of people and I am glad it has :)

    Yeah its a crazy shaped bottle! I'll post pictures of it when the sun comes out. I think winmax makes it... I'm not really sure as all Japanese dollar polishes I have seen have this logo on it.

  9. I *think* I know what these polishes are. Did you get them from this dollar shop called Daiso? I have seen these at the Daisos in Singapore. :) Must give them a try then!


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