Friday, 27 February 2009

I thought I lost these pics!

I thought I should post a colour accurate pic of Ink first because these 2nd and 3rd shots are pretty shoddy.

This manicure is so oooold, I did this ages ago... So I can't really remember how many coats or how it applied sorry guys...


  1. I concur, definitely a striking color...but which OPI is it?

  2. Thanks! That was my first guess, the second being Russian Navy.

  3. Hehe I did mention it in the post, I guess I should have made it more obvious. At least I have you TAG to keep me on track :D

  4. SO DAMN GOOD....

    i want to have an OPI .. hummmpf...
    i'm following u,,, visit mine... thanks

  5. GORGEOUS!!! Your website has got me official hooked on nail polish, I buy at least one a week.


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