Sunday, 1 February 2009

How I Konad ♥

Alright I finally got around to uploading all these pictures! This is my routine for when I use the Konad stamps :D

First of all, I get a tiny amount of polish on the brush as it spreads a long way:

Brush it over the design:

Your result, don't leave this too long or it will dry!

Scrape the excess polish off. Make sure you don't push too hard because on some designs it takes out part of the polish in the design... Then it only partially works :(

Get your stamper ready! Make sure it is clean from old left over designs and hairs, just give it a quick clean with an ear bud and remover before you start:

And stamp! You can give it a *little* roll around, the reason I put little like that is because you want to pick the image up, not accidentally stamp it back on to the plate:

And pick it up, check to see if the image is in tact:

When I do french tips with the Konad, this is how I line it up. I have my palm facing me and I line the stamp up with my nail. Then I roll the stamp across my nail:

End result! Woohoo! Now only 9 more fingers to do....:

Now they won't turn out perfect every time! Here are a couple of things I tend to run into often.

Problem: My design went on to my nail all sloppy!

Resolution: Did you just clean your plate with remover? Make sure you dry it completely before applying the polish to the plate.

Problem: My stamper isn't picking up my design properly!

Resolution: Has that design already been used? The design may be filled up with older polish, give it a quick clean and dry completely :D

Problem: I've ruined my manicure with polish off the scraper!

Resolution: Ahhh I have done this so many times... You would've thought I would have learnt by now. Make sure you clean your scraper regularly! It gathers ALOT of excess polish waiting to smear on something.

Well my dear reader, I hope this will help you or clear some questions :)

If not, feel free to ask and I shall demonstrate!


  1. AH! Often i have the same problems like yours ...and very often when i go fast i do some mistake.
    When we decide to apply nail stamping we have to had a lot of patience and time to do the manicure well...
    Bye Bye astasia

  2. I need to do a french tip design next just to use your technique! I've always had some trouble getting them to line up straight.

    For helping with excess polish on the scraper, I put the whole plate on a paper towel & then scrape the excess right off the edge onto it - this usually keeps the scraper pretty clean.

  3. Great advice, Steph. I bought a plastic stamper instead of the metal one, and that solved some of my issues. With the plastic scraper I cna push down with some force without scratching the plate, with the metal blade it could get ugly :(

  4. Hidden-Innocence2 February 2009 at 10:52

    Thank you for answering my comment!! No problem on missing the one I left in the other entry. I guess it is impossible for you to check all of your entries to see new comments. It would take you forever! Thank you for the advices. I will try to find those products here in Spain =]
    We have Konad plates here but they are so expensive... It's crazy!

    Talk to you soon!! Love~ Ana

  5. thank you.... very helpful! keep on blogging

  6. i often run into the same issues. I do everything on top of a washcloth or papertowel and wipe off the scraper after every scrape and it really helps keep everything neat

  7. Wow! I was surprised to only see 7 comments. I usually just look and not comment, but this was an EXCELLENT tutorial.

    Thank you very much! The trouble shooting parts were a very unique and helpful addition.

    Keep it coming.


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