Monday, 23 February 2009

Essie Jazz

And here is todays Nail Of The Day, Essie's Jazz. 

Jazz is discontinued but I brought it off an etailer, so its not really HTF yet :D

This was three coats. It applied really nicely which surprised me, as all the Essies I have tried have been crap. Although I haven't tried many... 

I really like Jazz as it suits my olive skintone nicely. I am not that excited about it as I was over Let Them Eat Rice Cake, but it is a very 'appropriate' shade. 

I tried some marbling with Jazz as the base... didn't turn out too well D: I will try again tomorrow though!

Oh, no top-coat by the way :)


  1. Oh I really love this. Bordering that band-aid colour but I think it's very chic. I seem to love every essie colour I see and have yet to own some. Dissapointing to hear about the application then.

  2. Oh I'm searching for this, which e-tailer is selling Jazz, if I may know? TIA

    It looks uber gorgeous on you. I have warm skin tone and somewhat most nude don't look pale enough on me.

  3. I wonder how this will play against my dark brown skin tone. It looks nice on you.

  4. Jess - Dont get me wrong, the app was great for Jazz! Just a few other essies I have tried weren't :)

    Nanzy - Yeah sure! Thankyou very much :D I hope you find a nude that suits you perfectly

    Pretty Brown Girl - I think it would look fantastic on you!


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