Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Essie Flawless

Here is Essie's Flawless. More 'bubblegummy' than I thought it was. Definitely a pink I can't wear... Or is it more that I don't want to wear hehe

This is three coats. With a name like Flawless, you would expect to at least some degree that it would be in fact flawless. However, this is not the case. It was very runny and thick at the same time and was hard to apply it evenly. I had to use thick coats so it would be opaque. 

I think the colour is nice, just not for me.


  1. I think the color looks so pretty on you. I do love the bold colors! I wish China Glaze would come out with a green collection.

  2. Haha! Yes that would make alot of people happy :D

  3. Your nails look "flawless" in this shade of pink.


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