Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Difference Between DYLI & DOID

Do You Lilac It? is on the middle and pinky and Done Out In Deco is on the pointer and ring fingers.

Each is two coats and they need it :D

You might be able to see (depending on your monitor) that DOID is more of a lavender pastel and DYLI is a pinker lilac.


  1. I can barely see that the middle and pink are pinker, but I can see it. Those are almost identical colors, wow.

  2. Lol I thought they were quite different, but next to each other they are so similar!

  3. oooo, superrrr pretty. i really like the DO YOU LILAC IT? (: they're both gorgeous colors. thanks for the lovely blog!

  4. Like I said on your flickr pic - I'm going to have to get one of these. I just have to decide which one. :) Thanks! (and I'm so happy I found your blog finally!)

  5. I can see the difference, but there isn't much. Prefer Do you lilac it. You have such beautiful nails.

  6. styrch - Aw thankyou n_n

    Lucy - I really like them both, aw thankyou very much.


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