Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Devotion & Shimmer

Holy cow its past 2PM and I haven't even made a post yet! D:

Well here you go :D A really awesome combination that looks a million times better in real life. Why is this? Because the camera picks up the glare from Devotion more strongly than it should. In real life it is less harsh :)

For the base I used two coats of Devotion. A lovely lovely silver chrome! Then I used one coat of DS Shimmer. Which added a nice holographic effect to the silver chrome.

Please enlarge them to see it better!

If you own these two colours, I strongly recommend that you try this combo :D


  1. Very pretty!!
    I'm from the U.S. so I love having your blog in my rotation because you post in the evening here. So it gives me something to look forward to in the evening!

  2. Allegral - Oh thats excellent n_n

    Phyrra - Hehe thankyou :)

  3. AHHH!! I am SO buying a few from the DS collection tomorrow. That looks...heavenly. *sigh* By the way, how do you post your pics so that they enlarge once you click?

  4. Well my photos are huge to begin with so when I upload them to blogger, selecting size 'medium' it scales them down and it just... happens :)

  5. Ooohhhh! I get it now, thanks =)

  6. Wow I love the combo! I think i may have these 2. Have to check my list! Love your blog and pics. Thank so much.


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