Saturday, 7 February 2009

Cupid's Wings ♥

I really like how this one turned out, even though it took forever to do :)

First up I used four coats of OPI Time-less is More. Looks like milk doesn't it? It reminds me of milk bottle lollies... 

Then I used, you guessed it, Devotion for the design :D I used plate M6. Like little silver Cherubs floating around on your nails n_n

A very simple and easy Valentine design to do!


  1. Devotion is awesome for Konad! now if i could only get my Konad skills in order...

  2. Cagou - Yay n_n Thanks!

    TAG - Lol all it takes is practice x240587 times a day :)

  3. Very pretty! You have such pretty nails. Thank you for posting more than one a week. I enjoy your blog.

  4. I also see it for a wedding

  5. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay cute! But not too cutesy at all. This is fab.

    Karina (kickyouonce on mua)

  6. Hey Steph, this is a Hi-and-I-luv-your-blog-and-your-nails from a fellow Kiwi!

    What are your thoughts on Essie Marshmallow vs OPI TIme-less in more? I am looking for a super sheer white-but-not-too-white creme for a single (or max 2) coat mani. I heard OPI applies better with the wide brush and the pink Essies I have are streaky. But is Marshmallow a more beautiful colour?


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