Saturday, 17 January 2009

Zoya Kalista

I was meant to show you this little munchkin awhile ago, but the photos were pretty shoddy so I didn't post them. But today a had an urge to wear Kalista and the sun was out, so why not :D

This is only two coats of Kalista, that's all you need. It is beautifully pigmented. Kalista was from Zoya's Flourish collection released end of last year.

I love love love the shimmer in it, I could stare at it all day :D Do you know what Kalista reminds me of? Double choc chip cookie mixture.... Mmmm... I almost feel like licking my nails lol!

The last photo is when it was overcast.


  1. This really is a lovely color.
    I'm trying to decide what colors to get with the Zoya exchange program.
    Do you have shots of you wearing Lola, Lilith, Eve or Joy?

  2. Im really sorry Phyrra, I dont own any of those. I could post all the Zoyas I do have though? if that would help

  3. No, that's cool, I just looked through all the ones you had tagged Zoya actually :)

    But thank you!

  4. steph that is hot... and i meant hot. that is my fav brown!

  5. oooh so you did end up getting it! woo! Im glad you like it ronna

  6. Your nails are looking fabulous by the way :) The lenght and shape are perfect right now :)
    I would love to see swatches of OPI Lilac I Care on you. Maybe when you have some time?!

  7. GORGEOUS!!! This was one of the colors I ordered in the Zoya offer. I can't wait til it comes in!

  8. Kat - No problem, I'll do it tonight n_n so theyre ready for tomorrow! Thankyou also :D

    Nixxy - It is! Do you have it nix?

    Kim - Good choice!

  9. No - don't have it...yet! #;)


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