Tuesday, 27 January 2009

For the lovely Rosey ♥

For my dear friend Rosey :D All of the Yokohama's I own from the 'actual' Yokohama collection...

Confusing I know :)

In order:

Yokohama Twilight - Pastel purple base with a strong blue flash. Also has pink duochrome on certain angles.

Sweet Love at Ferris Wheel - Warm pink base with a hint of purple. Has gold, pink, purple shimmer.

Cherry Blossom - A sweet cherry blossom pink jam packed with silver glitter.

Bay Bridge Sunset - A warm rust holographic with gold shimmer. Day at the Peach is it's step sister.

Penny For Your Thoughts - A very warm golden shimmer. Absolutely love wearing this one. Opacity builds the same as Curry Up! Don't Be Late

Baby Blue - A sweet baby blue with a tinge of green with golden shimmer.

Starbright Sparkles II - A very sheer milky pink base with pink shimmer and glitter.

Blush of Adrenaline - A peachy shimmer. Not too sure what I love about it, but I can't let it go!

Swirl of Euphoria - Reminds me of Frappes. A little streaky, but I love it none the less.

As you can see, Pinkerbell, Vintage Violet and I Love Yokohama are still missing. I'm working on that! :D All photos here are three coats. Top coat, no. Base coat, yes.

Also you may have noticed (or may not have) that Swirl of Euphoria and Yokohama Twilight contain long nails. That's right, I gave my nails the chop :) They were getting so un-practical, I couldn't open the fridge without slamming my nails into the handle, I couldn't pick up the ear buds properly for when I was cleaning up the cuticles.

I wore Zoya's Bailey to break me into them. It worked very well. You will get to see her soon :) I am actually quite happy with them at this length and I'm wondering if I should try keep them this short. Although it is much more of an achievement to have them longer... Hmm...

Do you have any favourites from this bunch?


  1. i love that Baby Blue! gosh, so gorgeous. btw, this is just my opinion but i like your nails better when they're shorter. nice job on the swatches! :)

  2. Thankyou charlene! Cant make my mind up about Baby blue

  3. "I Love Yokohama" is selling in my neck of the woods (Guam) for $10. I just picked up a bottle a couple days ago. Very lovely shimmer.

  4. How pretty! Yokohama Twilight is my favorite of the bunch.

  5. Kayce - Your very lucky to have found that :D I cant wait to try it

    Sasha - Definitely one of my faves too :)


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