Thursday, 22 July 2010


I went out on a date today to see Yes Man, a good movie :D Love the NZer in it!

And I stumbled across a nail salon by chance and found these beauties. All Japanese exclusives. I could not believe my eyes! Between me and mum we cleaned them out :D

Mum also got a couple of other beautiful OPI's too. I can tell you now, I will be their new loyal customer. They had a lot of other interesting OPIs too that I will have to check out.

Keep an eye out for these babies and my yet to be worn Chanel, tomorrow :D


  1. Ooh, lucky you! Those colours look amazing. Hope you can start swatching soon - I would love to see Pick me up Purple and Blue Jeans.

  2. The purple looks promising!

  3. ooh love the colors, especially the purple and blues. I have a same story too. I was at the mall on monday and went into a beauty store and found a few older OPI colors from a few seasons back and I was sooo happy! =] can't wait to see you swatch them =]

  4. Gief the purple one, swatchy swatchy!

    I got my Konadkit yesterday..
    How the heck do you manage to clean up the plates etc without messing up you nails? My tumb looks like...well crap :D


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