Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Skittle Me Happy! I

Ok so there are a few parts to this Skittle Me Happy! series, today is Part I.

I received a few romantiques today in the parcel from TransDesign. Not happy with TD, they charge a ridiculous amount for shipping and I get smashed polishes >:( For that much shipping I would expect these polishes to be protected, even wrapped individually! D:<

Back to being happy, here are the Romans :D

From the thumb to pinky:

Devotion - Quite possibly my favourite out of the lot! Two coats, a little streaky, but nothing that bothers me :)

Emotion - A little more red than I was expecting, but it still looks really pretty. Two coats, the one I had least problems with.

Harmony - Oh! I love this one too, this is just one coat. I got a little polish happy and applied a thick coat n_n;

Admire - Really nice, but I'm not feeling it. I will definitely give it another chance though. Had little lumpy things in it...

Delight - I'm surprised I remembered all the names :O I like this brown, two coats. Went on smoothly.

Overall, I am really happy with them, I think I just need practice on applying them. Can't wait to use them with Konads!


  1. Hiya Steph

    I got mine yesterday, they are not that exciting eh. They do however look nice on you!

  2. It's funny - I wasn't that hot on the colours individually, but with them put on one-a-nail like that, I like them! Maybe that's the trick - wear them as skittles...

  3. Sterling - Hey :D Cant say I was blown away when I unpacked them, but I like them all together :)

    Nixxy - I would be quite happy to do that haha

  4. They look cute on you. I still haven't decided if I'll buy something from that collection or not.

  5. I know what you mean Pix, took me forever to pick the ones I did lol

  6. I'm waiting for your konad try!!!Do it soon so i 'll decide what nail i'll buy!! ;-)

  7. What did TransDesign do when your polish got smashed?


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