Saturday, 24 January 2009

Silver Holo Comparisons

I finally got around to doing this :D

From the pinky to pointer we have:

China Glaze - OMG
OPI - DS Shimmer
Chanel - Holographic
China Glaze - Sexagon

As you can see they are all quite different. Sexagon being the chunkiest and OMG being the finest. Chanel's Holographic is rather hard to find and OPI DS Shimmer is on its journey to HTF land. Recently discontinued and all... Sexagon is just starting it's journey and OMG is available at most e-tailers :)

Hope this helps n_n


  1. Hmm I think I'll have to get OMG. Sexagon's just not doing it for me in the "find a safe dupe for Shimmer" contest #B)

  2. Mmm yeah, dont know about Sexagon either :/

  3. God, the OPI's DS Shimmer look so good in pictures! So sad OPIs are not sold here in the Philippines. :(

  4. Aw Charlene, you cant order from 8ty8 or H2T?

  5. Hi Steph! I'm waiting for Chinaglaze OMG but the sexagon is beautifull too...
    To change argument...
    i need help to find a clone of this "OPI DS Royal" polish, pink with liliac glitter!!!
    Look here

    Steph can you suggest me some other similar polish? That one is became Htf and rare!!!

  6. i really wanted to order there but is the site really reliable? maybe, just maybe, i'm going to ask my dad soon to arrange orders for me since he's a pro when it comes to buying things online. LOL. you know, i'm still a minor so i can't do it alone. i'm afraid. haha! ;)

  7. Charlene - 8ty8beauty, Head2Toe and Transdesign are all very reliable. And if something is broken or the wrond polish when you receive it, they will replace it :D

  8. I have the OMG and Sexagon, I love both dearly :)


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