Saturday, 31 January 2009

Shangri-la-la Lilac + Admire

Here we go! n_n

So as you know the base colour is OPI Shangri-la-la Lilac and I used China Glaze's Admire for the design. 

To think I was going to get rid of Admire now sickens me lol it's Shangri's significant other!

What do you think?

I used this same design on my sister. I put on her, Tickle My France-y and then used China Glaze's Delight for the same design as this and applied little stones in the flowers. She only had the designs on her ring fingers. 


  1. I love that! It's gorgeous and subtle at the same nice. Great job!

  2. ho so cute! Which konad plate did you use?

  3. The combination of colours and design are really, really pretty!

  4. Pixie - I totally agree! I couldn't stop staring at it

    Anon - I always forget n_n; I'll go check now! It was M5

    Hanneri - Absolutely :) Will definitely have to do it again


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