Friday, 16 January 2009

OPI Play 'Til Midnight

I got this as a present from my dear boyfriend. Does he have great taste or what?! He can go polish shopping for me anytime he likes :D

This is three coats as I messed up the second. Well it's more like the heat messed it up... But it turned out extremely well!

Play Til Midnight is from OPI's Holiday in Toyland, you should get this shortly before it goes out of stock and becomes HTF. I may need to get a back up.

PTM is Ink's cousin. PTM didn't get the purple and chunky shimmer genes but it did get a lovely navy blue base with purple, pink and aqua shimmer.

These photos make me want to wear it again... but so many un-trieds.... :( I hate/love having so many polishes to choose from!


  1. Your BF buys you polish!?! Does he have an older brother available? ;)

  2. Finally! I commented on your blog! You know I've been an avid reader, I check your newly posted ones five times a day and I'm not kidding! I like your blog so much that I've even bookmarked it! Ha-ha! By the way, I collect nail polishes, too (but your collection is way way way bigger, I'm telling you. LOL) from the THEFACESHOP (you might want to try some of them ;)) and I have so many un-trieds. I hate that, too! But I love 'em! :)

  3. He did a great job. Great color.

  4. Gorgeous color! I need that one.

  5. Wow, this is a beautiful color!

  6. I LOVE this one so much. Something about it just looks really nice on my hand and when I took it off, I almost put it back on again. But I am like you, I have too many polishes to try out and it can be frustrating, haha!

  7. It's on sale for $4 at Ulta right now. Go get it while it's cheap!!

  8. Nixxy - LOL Three actually!

    Charlene - Hey Charlene! Im so glad that you enjoy Nail Juice! I know I check other blogs daily too, just cant help myself n_n Hmm I havent heard of THEFACESHOP, I will do some looking around, thankyou :D

    Brooke - It's beautiful, don't know if I should get Russian Navy.

    Sasha - Get it while it's cheap!

    Phyrra - Looks even prettier IRL

    Vampy - It gets a bit overwhelming at times doesnt it lol

    Kim - It might be cheaper getting it here as Im not in USA lol but thankyou n_n

  9. Hi Steph! Do you have any Nfu Ohs available for swatching =]

  10. Hey Dee! Sorry I dont own any yet. But there definately will be some this year!


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