Monday, 5 January 2009

OPI I Only Drink Champagne

This is OPI's extremely pretty I Only Drink Champagne, from the Night Brights collection. I'm not sure if these are being discontinued or what... They seem to be disappearing from some stores.

I used three coats here, I was going to leave it at two but I put a huge ding in my middle finger while it was wet n_n; So three it became.

I Only Drink Champagne is actually my Mum's polish, so I may have to buy my own now :D


  1. Pretty! That'd be great for a wedding or something...
    Hope the BF's feeling better. I hear application of lips to boo-boos and ouchies help alot #;)

  2. Oh yeah, definately. Lol not too sure if I want to be kissing open wounds... :@


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