Thursday, 22 July 2010

OPI DS Shimmer

Another DS polish that I lusted after for a looong time but could not bring myself to buy it. OPIs DS Shimmer.

It looked so smooth in all the pictures I saw of it and it applies just as smoothly as it looks. I will be keeping this one for sure!

Just two coats here. I swatched all my DS's with two coats. I love Shimmer because you can have it sheer, layer it or build it up to be opaque. Such a versatile polish!

Get your hands on this if you are lemming it as it has been discontinued... Why does OPI continue to discontinue some of their best?!


  1. What a beautiful color...but it's not very opaque isn't it?

  2. Back before I was allergic to this, I'd do 4 coats and it would be opaque. It's got a great glassy finish that's to die for...

  3. That is so nice :) Like pixie dust for nails :) You've got great nails so it looks fantastic on you :)

  4. Astasia - Thats whats great about it, you can build it up or leave it sheer :)

    Nixxy - You will find a replacement!

    Lina - Aw thankyou. It is a very sweet polish

  5. This is also really good as a holo top coat...


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