Thursday, 22 July 2010

OPI DS Glamour

Another old favourite, Glamour!

I swatched 80% of my Designer Series polishes the other day (my cuticles are paying for it now) but it wasn't a very sunny day... At least you know what they will look like with no sun :D

This is two coats, no clean up. I love the way these apply. So smoothly, although I found the newer ones to be a bit runny and uncontrollable.

My cuticles are feeling really irritated lately... maybe it's because of how much swatching I've been doing. I have been pumping oil and cuticle eraser into them everyday... I hope it passes :(

Oh by the way NZer's, a salon I went to was selling CND Cuticle Eraser for $49!!! Get it online for sure. That's too ridiculous for words!


  1. Sigh. I miss my OPI DS's. Why must you torture me like this, Steph? Whhyyyyyy?

  2. Although I've just found out I can use Nfu'oh's so a few of those will ease the pain, I'm sure #:D

  3. Aww im sorry Nixxy ♥♥♥ Oh your getting some?! I still need to try nfuohs too lol

  4. Yep - preparing an order right now from this company in Melbourne who sell em. Decisions, decisions!

  5. I recently ordered myself a bottle of Glamour. After seeing your pics I am so chuffed that I did. Just can't wait for it to arrive now!!!

  6. Nixxy - Woohoo!!!

    Charlene - Its even more amazing in the sun!

    Hanneri - Yay! n_n Im considering getting another lol. Hope it comes soon :D


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