Thursday, 22 July 2010

OPI DS Divine

Ahhh the lovely Divine. I wore this for three days ;)

Three coats of heavenly application. There was hardly any clean up to do, the formula is a dream. I am so happy I traded this with my mum! I had been eyeing up Divine for a looooong time and it was becoming a little hard to get. So you better snap it up when you see it if you are lemming it! n_n

I put Divine on because I was craving it and I know my dear boyfriend loves pink nails. Got home that day took it off to wear something else... But Divine was all I wanted, so another two days she stayed :D

I have a little surprise for you later today...


  1. Why are you showing all these fantastic swatches?? :) I will be broke before pay day :) I still really like all your Morgan swatches too, its such an awesome colour :)

  2. Yeah!I have finally this color too...
    It is exactly as your photo...
    Too beautiful...a mideway between fucsia and pink...olo!!!
    Very happy color!!!

  3. so lovely! but i think morgan's still better! :)

  4. Yay for OPI DS polishes. So lovely!

  5. Lina - Aw im sorry! At least it makes you happy :)

    Astasia - Oh yay!! Its so pretty isnt it. I could wear it forever... but that wouldnt be fair on my other polishes :P

    Charlene - Oh! A creme/jelly girl are we? Both are stunning colours :D

    Pixie - Fantastic arent they?

    Brooke - I think it would look imaculate on you

  6. hey Steph, you might say that this is really a silly question but, what do you (referring to all nail bloggers) mean when you say it has a jelly finish? i kinda couldn't get that one. lol. sorry for the stupid question. ;)

  7. Hey charlene! A jelly finish is when a polish is translucent after a couple of coats. You can clearly see your tips, they also tend to be super shiny!


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