Wednesday, 22 July 2009

OPI Cajun Shrimp + M64

This is one bright manicure!

Before we get started, do you think it looks tacky? I'm sort of torn, I love it to bits but then it makes me think its a set of crazy stick-ons from a box...

Cajun Shrimp is one I have been eyeing up in stores for ages, so I finally ordered it.

This is three coats. You could see my tips vaguely at three, but of course you can't now lol. I used Konad's black and their plate M64, full of cool designs to use for french's.

The second pic is more true to life, but it just shows how bright it can get, woohoo!
Jo asked me how I apply my Konad tip designs, so I will show you later.


  1. oh i am loving that! such a great combo for summer

  2. Ooo I really like this! How on earth do you manage to get your nails looking that good?! Are they real? x x x

  3. Rowr! #B)
    although i object in principle to anyone naming polish after seafood ;)

  4. Doens't look tacky to me, but I love stuff like this. It is probably all down to personal preference.

  5. Laura - Just a year of persistance, cuticle oil and a treatment base coat :D Yes they are real <3

    Nixxy - It is a little strange lol

    Brooke - THanks Brooke :) hehe

  6. oooh gorgeous - LOVE it! i have cajun shrimp as well, but an old bottle...mine doesn't look as nice as urs tho! maybe the formula is a bit off..

  7. love this look! wish i could do it like you do


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