Thursday, 22 July 2010

An old favourite... Shangri-la-la Lilac

I stumbled across Shangri today when I was having a huge overdue clean up of my stash today.

It applies like most old OPIs do, smoothly and opaque in two or one coats. This is two coats here with no top coat as I was planning to Konad it... Can't wait to show you it tomorrow! hehe n_n
Shangri-la-la Lilac would look like a creme to most people, I'm sure only the eagle eyed polish addicts would be able to tell it had a little shimmer. I think the shimmer just lifts it a tiny bit from looking flat. Now that I think about it, Shangri looks similar to Mar De Morado...

Although Shangri-la-la Lilac is discontinued it is not VHTF. Which is excellent for us pink lovers :D

Lately I'm finding that I have colours that I absolutely cannot live without and could wear any day and not get sick of it. So I will make a big post of these probably next week or so.

It is extremely hard being on a no-buy until March. I have only broken it... four times... n_n; But! They were either an extremely good find or extremely cheap.... :D

Don't forget to enlarge theeeese ♥


  1. What a lovely polish! I'll see if I can get my hands on it too, before it's too late :)

  2. I see the shimmer in the close up! It's very pretty. Looks like a great color to wear to work.

  3. Its very very faint. It would go well for a conservative look

  4. Hidden-Innocence31 January 2009 at 02:14

    Hi! I left a comment on your "There is hope" entry but I guess you haven't seen it =] I hope you don't mind I write another one here with the same question. Which Sally Hansen products worked for you? I really need something to take care of my nails that actually works...

    I can't believe you were a nail biter one day. Your nails are too beautiful to believe it!

    Thank you for taking your time reading this =] And also for encouraging us!!

  5. That is a gorgeous shade! Have you tried Pistol Packin' Pink? Reminds me of that.

  6. Hidden - :O Im sorry I missed your comment! I first of all used Get Thicker, that made my nails noticably stronger but it was yellowing and extremely thick formula. It made my nails brittle also... I would recommend NailTek, Nailtek Hydration, OPI Maintenance :) Its still hard to believe for myself!

    Sasha - Ive seen it in stores but im afraid it will look horendous on me lol

  7. very very beautiful polish i love it !


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