Saturday, 24 January 2009

Morgan + Devotion

Here is the lovely Morgan manicure again, this time with Devotion flower tips.

What do you guys think? I loved wearing this mani! Didn't want to take it off :D

I also added a photo of Morgan from August 2008. Look how much my nails have grown in six months! I am really amazed at how well they have done. Anything is possible.



  1. i love that mani, too! i love it! i swear! it's beautiful! wow. you're really good, huh? love it!

    P.S. did i say that i really love it? LOL. just kidding. ;)

  2. Lol I dont know if im any good, its the polishes doings n_n

  3. no! it's you. :) cause you know what combinations are good. :)

  4. Lovely manicure!
    Today i have received the ChinaGlaze OMG and other color of Romantique collection.
    Awaken it's too beautiful and work PERFECT with Konad.Same Passion!
    But the OMG on Konad don't stamp like i have seen on your image.
    The color on my nail is more's too liquid...
    Do you have some trick to stamp with this color and get that beautiful stamp?
    Many Thanks!

  5. Charlene - Haha thankyou n_n

    Astasia - Hey im glad you found some great polishes. The reason OMG looks so opaque on my last manicure with it is because it was over black. I find it goes a little transparent when used over lighter colours. Black is really good with OMG :) Hope this helps!

  6. lurrrrrrve this pink! it looks so gorgeous, i would wear it to any occasions!

  7. It is beautiful isnt it... I stare at it all day! haha


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