Saturday, 10 January 2009

MAC Varicose Violet

Aww I hope I haven't disappointed anyone by posting this and none of the newbies... Sun is no good today so I decided to show you something I did a little while ago.

I came across this pretty polish on my trip to the hospital. Varicose Violet is from MAC's Dame Edna collection just out.

Varicose Violet applies soooooo smoothly. I was expecting bad formula from MAC, but it proved me so wrong. I love MAC polishes now, wish they had a better selection.

This is three coats, it is quite sheer. But buildable :D


  1. WOW I totally wanted this before, now I want it more :D Looks great on you!

  2. I love that! I only own one MAC polish so I might pick this up.

  3. Lina - Man is it pretty! Pink, purple and blue shimmer :D

    Pixie - Yay! This is my first MAC polish hehe

  4. Ooh, that is so pretty! And I am very excited because I got myself a bottle of this polish yesterday - the Dame Edna collection was not even on display yet, but when I asked they took me to the drawer. And I got one of the two bottles of Varicose Violet that the store got!!! Also got myself the Hot Frost lipglass!

  5. Hanneri - Oooh! You're so lucky! I didnt even really look at the make up (waiting out for hello kitty)


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