Thursday, 22 July 2010

Japanese Blues + Moooooore Newbies?

Good morning! Just had the biggest urge to bite my nails so I'll be off soon applying a very pretty polish to deactivate that urge.

Alright from thumb to pinky we have:

Midnight Blue Glitter - I absolutely love this one, would be great for layering too!

Blue Jeans - A very unique colour. It's like a grey with heavy blue shimmer and I know you cant see it here but it has silver sparkles too.

Pick Me Up Purple - You have already seen how pretty this one is :D

Bleu-Blue - Don't know what to think about this one, might have to Konad it n_n

French Riviera - Love this one to bits, its what I wanted Moon Over Mumbai to be. A nice chic sheer grey.

And here's the newbies to the polish collection, Lilac I Care, Starbright Sparkles and Fanatical Fuchsia.


  1. what brand is midnight blue glitter? love at first site with that one

  2. Thats OPI, will see it shortly :D


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