Thursday, 22 July 2010

China Glaze OMG

Wow! This is so much finer than Sexagon. (First photo is sun and the other is sun behind clouds)

I got this a little while ago and it has taken me forever to try it on, along with IDK. Finally tried both today.

First thing I must point out about OMG, the wear is fantastic. Today I was moving everything from our storage room to Dad's new shed, alot of bumping and scraping nails on things and not one sign of a chip on OMG. Then I went swimming afterwards, usually my manicure peels off or starts to, not with OMG :D

I used two coats here and that's all you will need. It also looks really nice as one coat, a tiny bit more sheer, but who wants sheer holos?!

I love the holo-chunks in the OMG collection, so tiny and fine. I will have to post the ones I own shortly. Oh! I tried my other OMG polishes over black, LOL was the only one that you could tell wasn't silver. So I think OMG is best for the Konads :)

I'm going to see my boyfriend in the hospital tomorrow, so you may get another glimpse of Emerald Sparkle (his favourite colour n_n)


  1. Oooh, I think I might have to get this as a replacement for the OPI DS silver polish I can't wear...

  2. Hey Steph! I hope everything goes OK w/your boyfriend :)


  3. Nixxy - I hope you can wear it :)

    Katee - Aw thanks, I hope all is well for him

  4. I love OMGs. They are amazing!

    Hope your BF gets better soon :)

  5. Very pretty and looks great on your nails.

    Hope all is better soon.

  6. I have trouble getting decent wear out of the OMGs so I've mostly just been using them for Konad. Could you share your bc/tc combo?

  7. Pixie - Thankyou :) And yes, they are flippin amazing!

    Azu - Thankyou very much :D

    SolSister - Hey there, I use OPI's Maintenance (2 coats) as a base coat and Poshe as my topcoat :)


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