Thursday, 22 July 2010

China Glaze Delight

Here is another I was meaning to post but forgot about :O

China Glaze's Delight. From their new Romantique collection. It is so beautiful inside and out, can almost be blinding in sunlight if you look directly at it for too long :D

Two coats here. Second coat looks just like the first, just smoothes it out and fixes up mistakes :) Romantiques are perfect for using with Konads, even better than the Konad polishes themselves sometimes!

This is my second brown and I am loving it to pieces! I may have to venture into a few more of the Romantiques, I swear that blue calls my name everytime I scroll past it.


  1. nice header (if that's what you call it. LOL)! anyway, any luck on THEFACESHOP nail polishes? :)

  2. Ohh, I definitely need to pick up some Romantiques for Konad.

  3. That looks very pretty on you.
    I like the Romantiques.
    I did a french manicure style with the Romantique Adore as the main color on my nails, and then the Romantique Awaken on my tips, and then put CG's Tinsel over Awaken for some extra sparkle.

  4. Charlene - Thanks :D No not yet :(

    Pixie - I'd love to see how you use them!

    Phyrra - That sounds really interesting, I never thought to do a french with them :)


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