Thursday, 8 January 2009

Baby Blues w/ Gold Comparisons

Alright I don't know about you but I'm sick of looking at Spontaneous lol so I have some Baby Blue comparisons for you n_n

As you can see they are all extremely similar, baby blue hued with gold shimmer. From top to bottom we have Misa's Radiant, OPI's Baby Blue and OPI's Beverly Hills Chills.

I'm pretty sure Radiant isn't hard to come across (talking e-tailors here), I think it's part of their bright collection, not too sure on that. I don't know if you'd ever come across Beverly Hills Chills or Baby Blue. Someone on MUA has hit the jackpot with Baby Blue though, I think they found about 11 or something :D

Ok, three coats of each colour. First photo is in the sun... actually all of them are :) Just different angles to show you the shimmah!

Last pic is a very close side by side comparison. I think I prefer Misa's Radiant out of the whole lot :/ The one that took the least amount of trouble to get lol


  1. Thanks for the pics! I think i prefer Radiant too, followed by BHC ;-) As pretty as it is, i don't think i really need to get BB now.

  2. No problem n_n Its a little more green than I thought it was

  3. OPI also makes a Nicole color called Baby blue which looks similar. Have you seen any comparisons side by side?

  4. I love this kind of post!!!
    Not matter what you'll buy they are perfect equal!!!
    A little bit different shimmer but at a first look they can seem the same nail polish!!!

  5. Sara - They are the exact same polish, Nicole re-released some of the Yokohama colours.

    Astasia - Oh great! I will do more :D

  6. Gorgeous! I don't have a color like that. I think I'll pick up Radiant. Thank you for the swatches, babe :)

  7. Not a problem Pixie, always here to help out fellow polish addicts :D


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