Monday, 15 December 2008

Zoya's Gossip Collection 2008: Audrina, Lo, Elodie, Heidi, LC, Whitney

These colours are super bright, excellent for summer. Almost neon, but not quite... The polishes in the Gossip collection are all cleverly named after the girls from The Hills.

Audrina - Quite possibly my favourite Zoya and character from The Hills, but most definately my favourite of the Gossip collection. A bright purple with pink undertones. Opaque in two coats, super glossy and it dries quickly.

Whitney - My second favourite from Gossip. A hot pink. This photo was taken when my nails were little nubs :) Opaque in two coats, super glossy also. Very similar to OPI's In-dia Mood For Love.

Lo - A very cute peach-pink. Opaque in two coats, very glossy without top coat. Very similar to OPI's Elephantastic Pink.

Elodie - A bright peach with orange undertones. Opacity and glossiness is the same throughout the Gossip collection. Very close to OPI's Cajun Shrimp, maybe a few shades lighter.

Heidi - The slightest bit more orange than Elodie. Opaque in two coats, super glossy like the others. Similar to OPI's Mod-ern Girl. A tinge oranger.

LC - My most disliked character on The Hills, but I do love this shade of red. Nothing really unique though, similar to China Glaze's Revolution, OPI's Lunch at the Delhi and a whole ton of Essies.


  1. I think Audrina is my favorite too! Awesome summer colors.

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  3. Thanks for the swatches, chicka! I like Audrina the best too (the polish, I mean... I don't watch The Hills)

  4. Thanks for the swatches. I love Elodie. I don't have any colors in that shade. I do have plenty others though! Can you ever have enough. You also take great pictures and they are helpful.
    I'd love to visit New Zeland someday. The scenery looks so beautiful. Haven't really seen the city areas. The mountains look lovely.

  5. Katee - Most definately. Love Audrina!

    Ronna - Its so pretty :)

    Pixie - No problem :D Sure sure Pixie...

    Lucy - Thats ok :) Im trying to get more colours of the ones I love too! Thankyou very much Lucy, NZ's scenery is pretty nice. The cities are heavily under-developed, we need more nail stores!

  6. I like them all on you!
    especially Audrina:)


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