Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Zoya Nina

We have a different type of photo today.... Lol, this is what Nina reminded me of when I was making my toast this morning, Marmite.

This is Zoya's Nina from their autumn collection, Vibe. Two coats were needed for complete opacity. Very easy to apply, like butter! Also Nina is a very glossy polish on its own, but it is coated with Poshe here because I didn't want to ruin it before I was able to take pictures this morning :)

I have only tried two colours from Vibe and I am very impressed, can't wait to try the others!


  1. Hehehe I remember my brother and I being teased cos we dared to like Marmite better than Vegemite as kids #B)

  2. Sanitarium??? Like, where crazy people go?? ROTFL!!

  3. LOL I never thought of that! Good find, crazy people makin crazy cereals :D

  4. Well, technically the word is supposed to mean something like "heath retreat" and the word has kind of been hijacked to mean "crazy house" in some countries! #B)

  5. no no no i want vegemite! much nicer lol

  6. Nixxy - Oooh thankyou for explaining lol

    Sterling - All you get is MARMITE haha


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