Thursday, 22 July 2010


Ahhh Gaia, one of my first Zoya's.

I was very impressed when I first got it because I was in love with whites with gold shimmers. Those were the days, so uneducated on all the other fantastic colours...

Gaia is from Zoya's Chit Chat collection, named after bloggers :D Can't say I'm familiar with any of them.... I'm sure others could name the blogs off the top of their heads :)

This is three coats of Gaia. A beauty to apply, though it was a little streaky on coat two. Also on coat two, Gaia makes your tips look like they are the *perfect* white. Sadly your tips begin to disappear on three, but the colour becomes more opaque. Whatever you suits you :)

I let Gaia have two photos, just to show you closer up of the golden shimmer found throughout the Chit Chat collection.

Also I have had my first appointment booked for a manicure! Heeeee! I am really excited :D

Ooops, I should have been more clear lol, I meant that someone had booked to have a manicure from me :) I guess that statement could mean either way.

I had my first manicure about six months ago, I was terrified of how short she had made my nails. But my nails were short any way (orange nails picture) lol even shorter than that.

I guess it was just horrifying for all my hard work getting them there was just filed off. I think most of us can do better manicures than the manicurists them selves :D


  1. How exciting about your manicure! I've never had one done professionally. I'm sort of scared of letting other people touch my nails. Do give us a full report :D

  2. Never had one either - nail salons give me teh willies!

    Gaia looks much better on you than me!

  3. That is a really pretty mani - so fresh and clean looking! Zoya Gaia reminds me of Revlon Satin Sheets: also white with a gold shimmer. Enjoy your mani appointment!

  4. Pixie - Lol im sorry, post edited. Make sure you go to a trustworthy place though :) and where you feel comfortable to talk to them, tell them how long you want them etc.

    Nixxy - Im still contemplating really, it makes my hands look extremely dark, but its a very nice colour

    Hanneri - Ooooh Satin Sheets, is it an oldy? I havent seen a white revlon in a looooong time

  5. Beautiful. I agree with you, the gold shimmer really sets this color off. I thought it looked great just as a translucent white, but when you showed the closeups and the gold came out, it got sooooo much better!

  6. :D Thanks jason, I wish my toes looked as good as yours <3

  7. looks fab... hey what happened to u on mua?

  8. lol, I get it now :p That is still exciting though! Woot!

  9. Let me tell you some tips on how to give yourself a manicure. You can give yourself a professional manicure at home. All you need to do is search simple tools and tips of the professional manicurists use. Avoid using a seesaw motion. Push back cuticles. Use a cuticle moisturizer if they do not push back easily after soaking. Add a second coat for deeper color.Finish the manicure with a top coat of clear polish.

  10. This color is so pretty on you! Got to be one of my favorites that you have swatched!

  11. Gaia looks amazing on you. Great white shade :)


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