Thursday, 22 July 2010

ZOYA Bailey + Comparison

Today I felt like something sweet, so I chose the new arrival, Bailey.

Bailey is very similar to Chanel's Pink Satin and OPI's Starbright Sparkles II. Similar in the way of shimmer, colour, sheerness and glitter. I'd say all three would be cousins, close but not close enough.

I applied Bailey in a rush, so excuse the messy mani n_n; Bailey applied a little runnier than Zoya's usually do, maybe because it is a sheer... I used four coats here because my horrible yellow stained nails looked horrendously ew. So I tried to build the pink up. I must try whitening my nails shortly.

I can't make my mind up about Bailey, if it wasn't sheer I would love it so much, I hate seeing my tips through my colour at this length. Maybe five or six coats are needed, but I don't have the patience for that hoohaa :D

I compared Bailey to Starbright (three coats, so not really fair). Starbright is on my thumb and you can see the similarities closer in the comparison pic.


  1. Wow!!! They are both nice...
    I like a lot the "comparison" post...
    Good last day of this amazing year!!!
    Ciao ciao

  2. Astasia - Maybe I should do more? :D Happy new year! (only two hours to go!)

  3. First of all...HAPPY NEW YEARS...eve!!

    Both look very nice.

    I have a suggestion for whitening your nails, I was talking to one of my friends yesterday and she told me that when she washes dishes she throws a splash of bleach in there and it whitens them up quickly.

    Do you already have a system for whitening your nails?

  4. I think it looks pretty on you! I bought Bailey months ago and still haven't worn it... Now I want to go put it on :)


  5. Nessa - Happy 2009! wooo! Bleach while doing the dishes... hmmm, I usually wear gloves to protect my nails from the warm water, but I guess a couple of times wont matter :D I think I was going to try lemon juice or something... I cant really remember the recipe, but the smell of citrus makes me want to vomit lol so I dont know if it will be the best way.

    Scrangie - :O I cant wait to see it on you! Happy 2009 Scrangie!

  6. Oh WOW, that is so Pretty on you (o:

    I have firmly told myself "no more sheer pinks girl" but i am so tempted by this one lol (o;

    I combat my gross yellow staining with a coat of Yello-Out (over base coat under colour) MAGIC!!! I got mine from Trans (o:

  7. Rosey - Damn! I already have an order on the way, next time for sure!


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