Wednesday, 10 December 2008

OPI Yokohama Collection!

Here is a good reference if anyone wanted to know what some Yokohama's looked like, their names, numbers etc. I made this up today :D I am very pleased with it hehe! 

Included in the swatches are Blush of Adrenaline, Penny For Your Thoughts, Starbright Sparkles II, Baby Blue, Swirl of Euphoria, Bay Bridge Sunset, Cherry Blossom, Sweet Love at Ferris Wheel, and Yokohama Twilight.


  1. Bay Bridge Sunset looks hot. That was a really nice collection.

  2. That Baby Blue looks really interesting, perhaps a good Spring color.

  3. Where did you get those little swatch things? Those are cool, I would love to order some of those.

  4. Brooke - I love how they are all pastel-y soft colours :)I ordered them from TransDesign.

    Dee - Definately! Hopefully the nicole versions will be easier to find


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