Tuesday, 16 December 2008

There is HOPE

I kind of feel like an idiot posting this because I know Katee just posted something like this already...
I did have this planned for you though because on Christmas day it will be one year from the first day I started to care for my nails, Santa got me a nail kit in a flash silver box with my first OPI.

I use to keep ALL of my nail stuff in this box, it could fit 8 OPI's down the bottom and my nail stickers/treatments/base coats and top coats on the two shelves. I now use this box for travelling LOL. I have come a long way from being a chronic nail biter to where my nails are today.

I was a chronic nail biter for almost 17 years, but I had always wanted long and beautiful nails. My sister always had these wonderful nails, she hardly has to try. Well, six months ago when my family was on vacation in Australia, we came across a huge chemist that stocked heaps and heaps of Sally Hansen treatments. We stocked up, and the strong nails began to grow.
I also found Burning Love in the chemist, as you can see in this picture I was thrilled with how my nails were coming along (they always used to be quite a bit shorter, never had tips before).

  • If you would like some quick tips:

- Use cuticle oil at least once a day, and just whenever you remember throughout your day.

- Use a strengthener as your base coat, one that suits your nails. For example; peeling, soft, brittle etc.

- Always wear gloves when doing housework using chemicals, they can dry out your cuticles making your nails dry in the long run.

- Alot of places/people will tell you not to use remover more than twice a month or something ridiculous like that. I use it sometimes six times a day when I am swatching, but always at least once a day I use acetone remover. I don't think it really matters how often you use it as long as you are pumping the moisture back in that you are taking out with the remover.

- Buffing: Only do this once a month, otherwise you will make your nails thinner and thinner causing them to break. If you have minor ridges, just use a ridge filling base coat :)

- Last but not least, use a fast drying top coat. Seche or Poshe work wonders, but do need thinning when they are less than half way. This will save you alot of anger after waking up to find sheet stains all over your pretty manicure :)

I know they aren't perfect yet, but it shows that anyone can have pretty nails n_n


  1. Wow Steph, I would have never guessed that you were a nail biter! Your nails have come a long way, congrats! Posts like this are good inspiration for all of the short nailed girls that want to grow theirs :)


  2. Interesting. Is there any advice for those with "men" shaped nails?


    I meant the type, where our nails naturally wide and not model perfect oval shaped like yours?

    My nails tend to look like that when i had gotten those fakes...

  3. I also used to be a nail biter! It was contagious, I got it from my brother. Difference is he quit after a while... Anyways, now I only occasionally bite the cuticles (which looks horrible, but they heal faster than nails grow).
    Great post!

  4. Great job on your nails. I have noticed the growth from when you started this blog to how they look now. :) KUDOS!

  5. They DO look great Steph! I'd say you're about as close to 'perfect' as it gets.
    That Shivron looks awesome on you too!

  6. I think the thinking behind the advice, 'Don't use polish remover more than twice a month,' is due to the carcinogenic vapors that one is inhaling. I use it about once a week or so and try to use in a well-ventilated area...

  7. Katee - Thankyou so much Katee n_n Your nails are fantastic, beautiful photos of them :)

    Hopeful - Hmmm I can do a little research if you like? I don't really know anything off the top of my head :(

    Marie - Oh I use to bite those too! Once you get into using cuticle cream/oil they get so much better, and theres nothing to bite!

    Brooke - Aw thankyou, your a loyal Nail Juicer lol

    Jason - Hey! I love your picture, thankyou very much :D It means alot to me

    Anon - That would make sense... I don't think Nail Polish fanatics are really bothered by the fumes lol but I definately see where you are coming from!

  8. I am getting there :) I use oil several times a day. I guess the climate up here in the north makes it difficult to always have those seemless cuticles...

  9. Marie - Oh yes, I find that when I go to the snow, everything goes super dry.

    Mariah - Thanks n_n

  10. Hi sweetie,

    I've been catching up on your blog this morning... this time of year is much too busy...
    and this post about there 'being hope' is so true. I was a nail biter once.. and when life gets very stressful, and when I don't pay attention to my nails, I revert back! So your advice should be published.. and often!
    And this winter has been brutal and bitterly cold in Pennsylvania.
    Terrible dry skin, painful hands, and disgusting dry hurting cuticles.
    I read the comment about 'cuticle oil' and I said "Bingo!" That's exactly what I needed. Now I have a bottle at my bedside table and on my computer table. It's easy to apply and not as messy as constant hand creme. After three days my cuticles are in much better shape, as my nails are.
    So thanks for your gorgeous swatchies, and your positivity, and Merry Christmas!
    love, Sagie!~

  11. Aww thanks Sagey~! Im glad I could be of help to you <3 I really need more cuticle bottles lying around

  12. Hey Steph!! I hope you don't mind me asking this question. Could you please tell me what Sally Hansen products worked for you? I really need a good strengthener and maybe something to make them grow faster (which I don't know if actually works). Please, I am desperate to find something that will help my nails grow strong and healthy. Thank you for taking some time to read this!

  13. I love your blog and how beautiful your nails have grown! My own nails were pealing at the bed line and I had to take drastic measures to repair them before they ripped off. I found some great blogs that gave tips on what to use and looked up reviews on Total Beauty and MUA to find the best products to buy for my nails! Thanks to you and many others my nails look good again and my manicures are lasting 4 + days or more! Thank you so much for your wonderful blog!


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