Wednesday, 24 December 2008

OPI Cool in the Pool

Cool in the Pool from the Summer Splash collection 2005, a very nice baby blue for summer :D

This took three coats to achieve the bottle colour, Cool in the Pool is a little sheer. You can still see my tips at three.


  1. Your nails are looking really good lately!

  2. Oh yes! It would be great to have you do 2 photographs in future. The more swatch pics I get to see, the better :-)

  3. Katee - Thankyou n_n

    Hanneri - Okey dokey! Will do :)

  4. I say pictures pictures pictures!

  5. This color looks great on your nails. You did a nice job with application.

  6. I love that cool shade of blue Steph! That would make a fantastic summer beach color too!

    Happy holidays!!

    Jason :)

  7. Brooke - Ok :D

    Azucar - Aw, thanks :)

    Jason - Your so right :D! Merry christmas!

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