Sunday, 7 December 2008

INCOCO Soho Chic

These are stickers of nail polish, little tabs that you place onto your base coat free *shudders* nail. Every time I get a wiff of these, it keeps reminding me that there is nothing protecting my nails from this horrible sticker thing :(

Moving on, I found these at Smith and Caugheys at New Market the other day. The SA wouldn't stop praising the product, "one lady bought four this morning!", they were $12 a pack and the colours looked pretty cool on the display wheel. Sadly, Soho Chic did not transfer its coolness on to my nails.

Lets talk about the application - It says to start from your pinky to your thumb, I didn't do that, I usually like to start from my middle finger then pointer, ring, pinky and lastly thumb. I'm a free spirit on the order I do my nails in LOL. Ok, so it comes with a little test packet of two sizes, completley different colour to what you get, which isn't that great. You have to peel off the plastic covering the colour, then you have to peel the sticker off the tab and line it up with your cuticle.

The SA tried showing me how they work in the store, she couldn't get it to stick on her nail, didn't give me much confidence but she explained that she had been showing oil to a previous customer....

Once you have lined the flimsy sticker up with your cuticle you need to push it down with a free finger. Once it is stuck on you need to rub all over your nail to make sure it is stuck down firmly. Lets add another feature to the Con list - if you have ridges, damage, bumps etc. it WILL show it. It showed me ridges I had never noticed before. After it is stuck down, you bend it over your tip to cut off the excess. I don't see how this would work well for people with shorter nails...
Your done, no top coat, no clean up needed and it has lasted throughout my day of shopping without one chip. Which makes me kind of worried, what are in these things?

Lets do a list.

No clean-up needed afterwards
Makes your cuticles look perfect
No chipping after one day, supposedly suppose to last 14 :S

Hard to apply - I only did my right hand, I'd hate to even attempt to doing my left.
Stinks (literally)
Not good for people with different cuticles other than round
To much size jump between sizes, there are big gaps on some of my nails
Would not suit wide nailed people, thin sticker sizing
Brings out all your imperfections
Only enough for two manicures, thats if you use different sizes each time :S

I have another pack to try of these, a bright sparkly fuchsia, well thats how it looked on the wheel anyway...


  1. Ohh, I love that color. Do you know of any non sticker nail polish with that color?

  2. Hmm maybe Zoya's Freja? But then you wouldn't get the sheerness. But hey if you like opacity :D

  3. LOL, I really cracked up when I read the order you apply your nail polish! I apply mine similar, I do my middle, ring, pinky, index and thumb last!

  4. Haha I'm glad i'm not the only one :D

  5. I just saw these at Walgreens today, glad you warned us about these. I think they were selling them for $4.99 and they had a few colors on sale for $2.something

  6. Oh no, theyre spreading lol. Well they are good if you have round cuticles, thin nails and use different sizes each time LOL ;)

  7. Ack, I don't want the sheerness lol. I'll look into Freja (such a pretty name too!)

  8. Swatches of Freja to come soon!


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