Monday, 1 December 2008

Gradient Tutorial! Zoya Morgan and Starla

Ok, here is my first tutorial! Firstly apply your base coat. I used Nailtek's Foundation II here, it dries matte. Then you need to get a creme or jelly polish. I used Zoya's Morgan. Then you need to find a sheer sparkly/glittery/shimmer polish that builds up a colour when layered. I chose Zoya's Starla.

This tutorial will be on my thumb :D
1. Get your creme polish (Morgan) and free hand it on your tip as if you were doing a french manicure. If you don't feel confident doing this you can always use the french guides, but it doesn't matter if you make a mistake as it will be covered anyway :)

2. Get your sheer (Starla) and brush over your whole nail or 90% of the way.

3. Do another coat of your sheer only 75% up your nail.

4. Another coat of your chosen sheer, this time only going up 50% of your nail.

5. Do another very small coat of your sheer this time only going up 25% of your nail from the tip. It's like painting your nails backwards so it may take some practice :)

You are all done now! Add your top coat and you're set. Easy huh?


  1. Awesome! Have to try it - thanks #B)

  2. No problem Nixxy, you better make a post of it so we can see! >:)

  3. Wow this is cool :D I will have to try this now too! I will link to your tutorial in my NOTD when I have done it so EVERYONE can try it :D

  4. Bah - just went thru my collection and none of my colours are really compatible for this #:/

    ah, well - will just have to wait till I have some new polishes...

  5. So beautiful! i will definitely try it. The two OPI lilacs would make a very pretty gradient mani..hint, hint!

  6. I like your new found love of nail art!!! Please keep posting more tutorials! Plain polish can be so . . . . plain :)

  7. Lina - Oh wow thankyou n_n I cant wait to see what you do!

    Nixxy - Must be time for another order :D

    Olga - Ohhh hmmm, I will have to give the lilacs a go.... Hmmm....

    Brooke - Thankyou! I know what you mean, after doing this just a normal mani seems so... boring :)

  8. Hey Olga, what Opi colours do you mean? I'm from Finland and cannot find Zoya polishes here, so I'm desperately seeking for another combinations :-)

    Thank You Steph of this amazing blog!

  9. without word?What i nice idea!!!
    Hi! Steph i have put a link to your beautiful blog on mine!!!
    Bye bye!

  10. thanks for posting this~
    I like that you used moving up your nail, in layers, as your method.
    its an alternative to getting your clear nail polish contaminated with colours :)

  11. I love this tutorial. I tried it today and I chose the wrong colors :P I tried Finger Paints Studio Ruby-O, and China Glaze Rainbow for a sheer. It's not sheer enough :P I need to nab that zoya Sheer you used!

  12. can you please tell us the exact polishes you used so we can re-create the look? thanks for a great post!

  13. you made it look so simple, i have to try sometime

  14. thanks! your tutorial was very easy to follow. i've always wanted to do a gradient nail :)

  15. Excellent tutorial! I just did my nails today, but I will be sure to try this sometime this summer. Looks so pretty with the sparkles and pink. :)


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