Saturday, 1 November 2008

Featured on Zoya's blog!

LOL I screamed when I saw this! I'm so excited, little ol' Nail Juice got recognised by Zoya. Man am I happy! I don't even know how they found Nail Juice.

Have a read at their other excellent posts:


  1. Congratulations! I hope they send you some freebies! They should be grateful to people like you, since Zoya's website makes it difficult to understand what their colors actually look like. OPI does it much better. But nothing compares to seeing the color on someone in a photo, like your blog.

  2. Kudos! See what your work has done? Brought you international acclaim! And you were thinking that no one noticed!

    Keep up your wonderful efforts,
    especially with Zoya..

    lots of love!

  3. @ Dee - lol I'd love some freebies. Yeah I had a hard time picking what the colour actually was. I much prefer photos also :)

    @ Sage - Hello Sagey! Thank-you very much. It has given me alot more confidence in Nail Juice :)

  4. Okay, sweetie,

    Now LOTS more Zoya swatchies!

    I've been lemming Zoya for a long time but you do some of the best swatchies... I can't tell from the web images all the details of color.

    PLEASE help me decide how to spend my hard earned cash!

    I'm not a young thing like you, but I'm a Mom, and a professional, so my color choices have to be somewhat subdued....

  5. d9id you see the new big color at Zoya? much better to pick from..

  6. Congrats!! Doesn't it feel nice to be recognized? My blog was also recently featured on Zoya's site and I was super excited so I know how you feel :)



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