Sunday, 7 February 2016

Jamberry Trushine Gel Enamel - Beta

After wearing Porcelain and having a great experience with it, I chose to wear Jamberry's Beta for the next gel mani. Beta is a beautiful navy blue jelly. These gel enamels retail for $32.00 NZ. 

The formula for Beta is really runny. It actually mimicked water at times. It just ran for it. And because it was so runny, it didn't allow me to wrap my tips (which essentially elongates wear time). It kept bubbling up at the ends, which you can see in the photo. It was also quite sheer and patchy. I needed three coats to get it looking this even. 

If I wasn't out of nail prep wipes, I'd be changing my mani.


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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Jamberry Trushine Gel Enamel - Porcelain

I love wearing gel polishes, whether they need to be cured or are simply harder nail polishes, as a means to repair my nails. Often when my nails go through a hard time and need rebooting (a.k.a. filing them all right back to start again), a gel polish helps protect them a little bit more than regular polish. 

As I had to do a recent reboot, I chose Jamberry's Porcelain gel enamel to do the job. The photos shown here show three coats of colour, as well as the base and top coat. This manicure is also 5 days old. Can't really tell can you? It still looks spectacular. There are no chips, no peels, no signs of a weak mani. These gel enamels retail for $32.00 NZ. 

I'm also really loving wearing white nails. Porcelain is a lovely soft white with a slightly blue shimmer which keeps it from looking flat. I've really enjoyed wearing this shade, but alas, it is time to move on to a new colour!


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Thursday, 1 October 2015

New Nude MAC Lipsticks in the Stash!

 L-R: MAC Hue, MAC Japanese Maple, MAC Pure Zen

L-R: MAC Peach Blossom, MAC Creme Cup, MAC Hue

 L-R: MAC Flamingo, MAC Hug Me, MAC Peach Blossom

Swatches coming soon, in the meantime, enjoy these product pics :)
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