Sunday, 28 February 2016

Juicy Cottontips Club - June 2015

In June 2015 the first Juicy Cottontips Club was released. It consisted of 8 different nail polishes, nail care items, as well as heaps of nail art goodies.

 Nail Juice Daaamn-delion
A peach to yellow thermal polish with a golden shimmer.

 Nail Juice Spring's Dew
A mint jelly polish with duochrome shimmer that shines between green and pink.

 Nail Juice Summer's Rain
A peach pink cream with turquoise glitters.

 Nail Juice Frost-Bite Me!
A silver blue with a foil finish.

 Nail Juice Winter's Night
A deep navy blue jelly with glitters that shine blue and purple.

 Nail Juice Seize The Dahlia
A glitter topper that looks like petals.

 Nail Juice Autumn's Fall
A deep eggplant purple with a chromatic finish that shines from purple to gold.

Nail Juice Thistle Make You Better
A pink-purple jelly filled with golden flakes.

Juicy Cottontips Club - October 2015

In October last year, the second round of Juicy Cottontips Club was released. This club included 8 nail polishes, nail care items as well as loads of nail art goodies.

Nail Juice Waterhorse
A beautiful flakie topper that shifts between green, aqua, blue and purple.

Nail Juice Valkyrie
A beautiful pink cream with soft shimmer.

Nail Juice Rusalka
A soft white with shimmer that turns a periwinkle-lavender in the sunlight.

 Nail Juice Medusa
A stone grey with flakies that reflects navy, blue, teal, dark purple, and pink.

Nail Juice River Styx
A deep teal cream with a green shimmer.

Nail Juice Izanami
A deep maroon with golden flakes and red shimmer.

Nail Juice Ourania
A deep purple jelly with pink, garnet, and copper glitters as well as flakes that shine between aqua and green.

Nail Juice Sarmati
A putty coloured cream that turns to a beige when warm.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Nail Juice Sweet Treats Collection - February 2016

For February, we released four deliciously scented nail polishes! They are all nice creamy finishes with either a fine shimmer or sprinkles.

Nail Juice Milkshake
A sheer pink-brown with gold and silver micro flakes.

Nail Juice Pink Icing
A bright pink cream with a subtle flakie finish.

Nail Juice White Choc & Macadamia
A soft pastel yellow cream with a soft white shimmer.
Nail Juice Vanilla Bean
A creamy white with fine black specks.

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